Wednesday, January 28, 2009

She said Yes!! :)

Although I am home from Nigeria, the adventure hasn't ended, it has just changed a bit. The adventure no longer involves driving down muddy roads, or navigating the busy market place, hiking mountains with orphans kids, or living with constant political tension. Instead, it now involves learning how to communicate clearly, learning how to make decisions with another person, learning how to put someone elses needs way before your own, navigating the commercialism of our society and seeking God's direction for the next steps in my life . . . Preparing for marriage is definetely an adventure of it's own!!

Sean and I are now offically engaged!! Yay!! :) This is a huge adventure, and one that I am so excited for (even with it's huge challenges)! Each day I wake up and am so thankful that God has put this amazing man into my life. A man who loves me so unconditionally, who supports me no matter what, who is so patient and kind, who is full of life and energy and fun, and a man who is has such a humble heart. I know that it is God loving me through Sean, and I am so grateful for that love.
Now, we had talked about getting married for awhile, but decided that it was best if we waited until I got back from Nigeria to get engaged, to see how God directed us individually for the six months apart and see what God did our relationship during that time apart. As difficult as those six months were, neither one of us would trade them for anything. Our relationship was challenged and strengthened in ways that it wouldn't have been otherwise. We learned to communicate more clearly and in new ways, and were challenged to give all control over our future to God, hard lessons, but good ones. So we waited until I got back to make that committment . . . a whole 3 days after I got home :) (I think somone was excited! :)

Sean proposed the Saturday after Christmas during a hiking trip up Rattle Snake Ridge, one of our first date spots. We hiked to the top of the ridge, in the snow and the rain . . . and boy were were soaked and cold when we arrived at the top! So after getting down on his knee and proposing, we took a photo and ran down the hill as fast as we could to warm up!! :) It was fun, and a good Sean and Jamie story!! Here are a few pictures from that day . . . as you can see we were pretty wet!! We would greatly appreciate your prayers as we embark on this adventure of marriage togther!


Erin said...

What a memorable moment! Love that you were drenched and freezing and in the environment you love so much!

I am Kate Maxwell said...

i love that you are just getting around to posting the story :)
and i'm stoked to be a part of your life as you marry one of the craziest (and greatest) dudes i've ever met.

Amy said...

AHH JAMIE!!! We are STILL so excited for you both! It makes me smile just thinking about how God has woven your lives together :) What an awesome gift you both will be to each other!
Count on us to pray, pray, pray!
We love you so much.

Ashurra said...

So, according to your last post I propose you change your blog name to: Jamie's Adventures on Rattle Snake Ridge! (And do you remember? my only point of reference for that location is The Farming Game, which we all played so long ago...) Congratulations! I've been a lurker the past year on your blog, just looking, but I enjoyed the wonderful stories and pictures...what a trip!