Monday, January 5, 2009

On the way home . . .

Friends and Family,

I apologize for my delay in updating my blog . . . I have had many people asking if I am going to keep my blog update even though I am home and the answer to that is YES! Although it seems like I have been home for a long time already (since so much has happened), I have only been home for a week and a half . . . that is CRAZY to realize . . . so in short I am still slowly adjusting to life back home. I have plenty more to say about adjusting back into this western culture and believe me that will all come soon, but I have left out a very important part of my trip home . . . my time in Bosnia!! So before I update you on my adjustment and how things are at home and what my future plans are and all of that good stuff, I need to share with you a bit about my time in Bosina . . .

As most of you know, before heading back to the states I flew through Europe and met up with one of my best friends Jessica who is doing two years of mission work in Bosnia . . . Bosnia?!? You might say . . . well yes, Bosnia. Jessica has always had an interest in this area of the World and during college she had the opportunity to travel to Bosnia several times. During these trips, God developed a deep passion and love for this country and the people, and now God has called her back to minister to college students.

Similarly to Nigeria, Bosnia is a country of contrasts. Sitting in a nice warm coffee shop, decorated with Christmas lights and sipping on a cup of coffee (what EVERYONE in Bosnia does) you can look out the window and see a bombed out abandoned building left from the war. Although life goes on normally each day, walking down the street you have to avoid the holes in the sidewalk that were left from when the city was shelled . . . Despite the tangible reminders of the horrible things that happened to the people of this beautiful city, the people keep right on living.

I so enjoyed getting to meet the students in the English classes Jessica is helping with and meeting the students at the church Jessica is working with. They are all full of life, funny and thoughtful. I loved getting to go to coffee with all of them and trying out all of the wonderful Bosnian food with them! I ate a lot of great food! J Besides eating a lot and drinking a lot of coffee, we also went up to the mountains where the Olympics were held and explored the very culturally diverse city. The city is beautiful, with all the cobblestone streets and little coffee shops and restaurants tucked away in the corners.

What a gift it was from God to have the opportunity to go and visit Jessica. It was a good transitional period for me. It was really helpful to have a friend who knew me so well asking me questions and helping me process my time in Nigeria, especially after such an intense ending. It was also great to have a first hand experience of what Jessica is doing so that I can pray for her better and support her better from far away. I would have NEVER in my life thought I would ever fly to Bosnia . . . but God always has different plans! And I am ever glad that he does because his plans are so much greater than mine would be!

Please be praying for Jessica that God would continue to encourage her and direct her ministry, and also be praying that the Holy Spirit would light a fire in the hearts of the people in the Church of Bosnia!
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Stay tuned for more!!


African Woman said...

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Gos from Jos said...

Hey Jamie, cool to read your updates, its weird seeing you in warm clothes and not jandals! (sandals hehe) Take care and I hope your adjusting back alright, love ruthie